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Klymit Static V Provides A Great Night Sleep

If you have ever spent where the only thing between you and the ground is your sleeping bag, you understand how uncomfortable that is. We like to think camping is all about “roughing it” but lets be honest, we still want to sleep well and comfortable. That doesn’t mean you have to bring your mattress along, just bring the Klymit Static V sleeping pad. This sleeping bad is designed to be comfortable.

It features a v-chamber design which limits air movement and heat loss while offering a uniquely ergonomic body map that makes laying on it feel super comfortable. The Klymit Static V features an easy to use push-buttom valve making it a cinch to inflate and deflate. Plus it only takes about 10-15 breaths. This is great camping pad if you’re out backpacking, it is super lightweight, and for the family car camping. It will save a ton of space in your car for traveling and in your tent when everyone has all of their suitcases in it. We quickly fell in love with the Klymit Static V and think you will too.

Price: $60

See the Klymit Static V in action

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