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Land Between the Lakes Offering Free Cedar Christmas Trees, Bow Hunting

If you need to scratch the itch and explore the outdoors, Land Between the Lakes is upping the temptation.

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The ‘Land Between the Lakes‘ is a national recreation area that includes over 170,000 acres of forests and wetlands. It is located in areas of western Kentucky and into Tennessee. Its website describes the area as a family-friendly recreation area. It also says that it offers one of the largest blocks of undeveloped forest in the eastern United States.

Its Christmas Tree promotion allows each family to cut one tree each through Dec. 24. It requires a permit that can be obtained through this link. The site also includes maps and cutting guidelines. The trees begin to be available Friday. According to the guidelines, the trees must be cedar; less than 10 feet tall, and with stumps that are less than 4 inches tall.

The other stipulations are that the cedar trees may not be cut within sight of US 68/KY80, Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway, nature watch areas, cemeteries, campgrounds, or ‘other mowed areas’. Yes, that last one is vague. They give you a North and South map, thankfully.

For hunters, the news is just as good.

Land Between the Lakes will be opening additional areas for archery deer hunting.

Places within the area that are normally off-limits, will be open until Jan. 15. Those spots include, but are not limited it, the Southern Nature Watch Demonstration Area, Brandon Spring Group Center, and Energy Lake, Hillman Ferry and Piney campgrounds. The release was also almost asking for family outings stating, that hunters are encouraged to harvest antlerless deer. It is being billed as a way to help manage the population of animals, but it also provides more opportunity for families to explore the outdoors.

Land Between the Lakes is 300 miles of natural shoreline. It offers lake access that can be used for camping, picnicking, hiking, fishing and boating as well as wildlife viewing, and water sports. There are licensed hunts for deer, turkey, squirrel and other small game animals that occur throughout the year, but are being expanded right now.

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