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Leatherman Brewzer Review

A Small and Clever Multitool

The Leatherman Brewzer is a minimalistic pocket tool that fits easily in your pocket or on your keychain. Although it’s small, it’s really a multitool: bottle cap opener, box opener, flat head screw driver, pry tool, scraper tool, and oxygen wrench.

At first glance, the Leatherman Brewzer looks like it’s sharp. And upon holding the pocket tool we found that the edges are nicely burred and rounded. It’s magically sharp enough on all the right edges.

Out camping we found it to be a really handy bottle opener. And back in the office we found it be a great box/package opener thanks to the beveled front tip.

Appearance:  The Leatherman Brewzer looks like a blade, and it’s really a brilliantly clever multitool in disguise. The hardened steel finish gives the multitool a really rugged appearance.

Functionality:  This is a great everyday multitool for opening bottles or packages. The small size makes this multitool very appealing.

Ease of Use:  Because this is a small and compact tool it lacks the leverage of a larger tool. It takes a little muscle power to open bottles, and once you get the hang of it–it’s really great.

Durability:  This is a stainless steel multitool and the Leatherman quality craftsmanship will last.

Value:  This is a great value and we’ve found the Brewzer priced between $5-$12 and is an excellent addition to any keychain.

Leatherman Brewzer
The beveled front tip of Leatherman Brewzer makes it easy to open boxes
The beer bottle cut out is really the Oxygen Wrech! The Leatherman Brewzer is a brilliantly clever multitool
The Leatherman Brewzer fits on a keychain and is a great bottle opener
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