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Light Up The Night

It’s one of the highlights of any camping trip – when night falls and the campfire is ablaze. It’s the time to chat, play cards around the picnic table, jam to some tunes and sip on an adult beverage or two. We’re here to light up your next party with friends around the campsite.

The Light Up The Night Giveaway presented by BioLite, includes a ton of great gear to help you get around the campsite and complete that party vibe.

Length of Contest

The Light Up The Night Giveaway will run for a total of 3 weeks, from April 13-May 1. We will be giving away a different prize package from multiple manufacturers EVERY WEEK, with the final week including the Grand Prize of the BioLite NanoGrid along with other great gear.

To Enter

To enter the contest use the entry form below. You can enter once a day. You are also able to collect bonus entries for getting social with us. Below you can see each item that is up for grabs that week. Not all items are available every week.

Can’t see the entry form? Click here for the mobile friendly version.

What The Giveaway Includes:

1. BioLite NanoGrid – Week 3

The BioLite NanoGrid is the ultimate go-anywhere, light-anything combination lantern, flashlight, and charger. The PowerLight and SiteLights form an easy to use, lightweight system that has the ability to illuminate your entire campsite. Watch the video review here.

biolite nanogrid
BioLite NanoGrid

2. Zippo Flex Neck Lighter – All 3 Weeks

The Zippo Outdoor Flex Neck Utility Lighter is the perfect all-use lighter to light any flame at your campsite. This butane-powered lighter powers a soft flame. Features dual-flame technology making this lighter wind proof like many other Zippo products. Read the review here.

amp your camp
Zippo Flex Neck Lighter

3. MountainSmith Roll Top Cooler – Week 2 and 3

The MountainSmith Roll Top Cooler is the ultimate dry-bag style cooler. The roll top attaches securely and easily to the side clip closure system. Features tie down loops to strap the cooler to a boat, car, or anything moving. The RipStop Shell is more than rugged enough to handle any adventure. Read the review here.

mountainsmith roll top cooler
MountainSmith Roll Top Cooler

4. MountainSmith Cooler Tube – Week 1 and 3

MountainSmith Cooler Tube and is taking cooler portability to the next level. Designed to hold a six-pack of your favorite beverage, the Cooler Tube is discrete, easy to carry, and completely frees up your hands. Plus, it does an incredible job keeping your cans cold. Read the review here.

mountainsmith cooler tube
MountainSmith Cooler Tube

5. Eco Vessel Double Barrel Mug – All 3 Weeks

The Eco Vessel Double Barrel Mug is the ultimate travel buddy. Shaped like a beer barrel and made of stainless steel, it handles both hot and cold, carbonated and uncarbonated, drinks with ease. Hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold.Read the review here.

Eco Vessel Mug
Eco Vessel Double Barrel Mug

6. Olympia WD180 Lantern – All 3 Weeks

The Olympia WD180 Lantern puts out a ton of light considering how small it is. Easily fitting into your glove box or pocket on your backpack, the WD180 puts out an impressive 180 Lumens. Pair that with endless adjustability and positioning features, this is a great lantern for you outdoor adventures. Watch the video review here.

olympia WD180 lantern
Olympia WD180 Lantern

7. UCO Stormproof Matches – All 3 Weeks

The UCO Stormproof Match Kit is a waterproof case that includes 25 matches and 3 strikers. The case features an integrated striker on the outside to provide an easy location for lighting matches and can hold up to 40 matches. UCO Stormproof Matches are easy to light, and will stay lit for up to 15 seconds, even after being submerged in water! Read the review here.

uco stormproof matches
UCO Stormproof Matches

8. Olympia Z500 Flashlight – All 3 Weeks

The Olympia Z500 Flashlight comes with great features, a two-year warranty, and it is insanely bright. Capable up to 500 Lumen bright. Features a 1-4x zoom feature which allows you to concentrate light down to the smallest detail, a glow in the dark on/off button for finding the Z500 in the dark, and lightweight aluminum body construction. Watch the video review here.

Olympia Z500 Flashlight
Olympia Z500 Flashlight

9. Braven BRV-Bank – Week 3

The Braven BRV-Bank is a unique, smart, and ultra-rugged Portable Backup Battery. Being the first bluetooth-enabled power-on-the-go battery pack, it has revolutionized how we think of portable power. The USB-controlled power bank can be used with the free BRV-BANK App, it gives you complete wireless control of your battery pack. Read the review here.

braven brv-bank
Braven BRV-Bank

10. Olympia Ex230 Headlamp – All 3 Weeks

The Olympia Ex230 Headlamp is packed with functional features such as a red LED light on the back of the battery case for safety, four lighting modes (high-medium-low-strobe) to fit exactly what you are doing and how much ambient light you have, and a LED focus control to move the light focus from flood to spot. Comfortable to wear and super lightweight. Watch the video review here.

olympia ex230 headlamp
Olympia Ex230 Headlamp

11. UCO Stakelight RGB – All 3 Weeks

UCO Stakelights create a perimeter of light around your tent. No more tipping over tent stakes and lines. They also make finding your tent in a crowded campground a breeze. Customize with red, green, or blue colors. Watch the review here.

UCO stakelight RGB
UCO Stakelight RGB

12. BioLite KettleCharge – Week 1

The BioLite KettleCharge was built for everyone to easily use. It is equipped with a 750ml stainless steel reservoir to boil water for cooking, drinking, or cleaning. The foldable handle has a USB out and can be generate 10 watts of power to charge your devices. Read the review here.

biolite kettlecharge
BioLite KettleCharge

13. Braven BRV-1 Speaker – Week 1 & 3

The BRV-1 really kicks the tunes, it charges USB devices, and can take phone calls via the built-in microphone. This waterproof bluetooth speaker is truly rugged, you never have to worry about it for the weekend. This small speaker is perfect to carry along to the campsite or jam to on the patio. Read the review here.

Braven BRV-1
Braven BRV-1 Speaker

14. Braven BRV-X Speaker – Week 2

The Braven BRV-X really shines in the outdoor speaker category. The BRV-X has an indoor and outdoor mode. Allowing more bass indoors and the outdoor setting gives you more mids. It can also be paired wirelessly with another BRV-X to provide true stereo sound at a campsite. Read the review here.

Braven BRV-X
Braven BRV-X Speaker

15. L.L.Bean Low Rider Camp Chair – All 3 Weeks

It doesn’t get much better than sitting in a comfortable chair. L.L.Bean’s Low Rider Camp Chair features a mesh seat for breathability, rugged steel frame, padded arm rests, and a low, 9-inch seat height. This chair is prefect for traveling, sitting around a campfire, an outdoor concert, sitting at the beach, or anywhere in-between. Read the review here.

L.L. Bean Low Rider Chair
L.L.Bean Low Rider Camp Chair

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