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LightSpeed Sandy Sleeper

The LightSpeed Sandy Sleeper takes the Sun Shelter to the next level. Built for the beach but prepared for all weather camping conditions, the Sandy Sleeper is a great option for camping whether you’re deep in the mountains or on the beach.  It can easily sleep two or allow for two lounge chairs.

With the side pull hub system it’s up in a snap and can be anchored by stakes or sand bags. It’s ready for a nice breeze with three large windows and a large front door. If weather takes a turn for the worse you can shut them all to stay nice and dry.

From the manufacturer’s website:

  • Lightspeed Outdoors® side-pull hub system allows for ultra quick set up and tear down.
  • Recommended for nice weather camping
  • Great for parks, beaches, festivals, and sporting events
  • 3 large windows and an oversized, zippered front door
  • Color(s): Red, Lime, Orange, Blue, Gray
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