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Luke Bryan Dismisses Criticism, Says He Is Headed Outdoors

Country music superstar Luke Bryan knows that it is best to be outdoors and leave the controversy behind.

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Bryan released a statement saying as much. He went on his social media to respond to the “backlash” he is facing. The “controversy” comes from a liberal crowd threatening to ‘cancel’ his career for allowing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a place on stage during a recent concert. DeSantis is running for re-election in Florida and is expected to cruise to victory. There are some speculating that he will also be the Republican Presidential nominee in 2024.

He was there to ask the crowd to continue to send help to people in need following the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian.

“Here’s the deal,” Bryan said. “I understand Governor DeSantis is a very polarizing figure. I grew up in a country where if a governor asks you if they can come and raise awareness to help victims of a natural disaster you help.”

Not that he should have had to apologize, but he continued.

“I knew people would chatter about this but for me the more important piece was [if] I am going to come back there a few weeks after a large portion of people have been affected by a natural disaster in a state where people have been good to me this felt right.

“Raise awareness, have a little fun between the GA and FL college fans before the game and do what I love on stage.”

He then added the most important part, noting his love for adventure.

“This is all I am saying about this. I’ll be outdoors with my boys. Enjoy your Sunday. Love y’all #GoDawgs.”

In this situation “GoDawgs” might have been the most actually controversial aspect of the whole story. Bryan did nothing wrong in allowing any political figure to use the stage to spread that message. If it were in New York, I believe he would have allowed a Democrat to be on stage too.

Bryan was not losing many fans by allowing DeSantis on stage. And while most every country fan knows he is a Georgia boy, this week the Dawgs are taking on Tennessee in a 1 vs 2 matchup that could split his fandom! Which leaves his rooting interest as the lone real controversy.

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