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Lunch Bites Back: Wolf Pup vs. Squirrel Battle

In a battle of wolf pup vs. squirrel, the pup learns a valuable lesson. Sometimes, lunch bites back. A trail camera caught the battle on video, and Voyageurs Wolf Project shared the rare footage on YouTube.

In the video, which starts with a slow motion preview of the moment the squirrel draws blood by biting the wolf on the nose, you can see a wolf spot a squirrel, then start to nip at it rather playfully. (But we’re sure the squirrel is not having a good time.)

The squirrel seems to be successfully fighting back, since the wolf drops it multiple times instead of just ending it. It may seem like a wolf would have no problem fighting a squirrel, but this squirrel is here to rumble.

See a wolf pup vs. squirrel here (warning: this uncensored video shows two animals fighting in nature):

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We never get to see the end of this battle. Do you think the squirrel walks away from this? Or was the wolf just playing with its lunch?

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