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Mesmerizing Drone Video Shows Train Clearing Donner Pass

Snowplows are the pressure washer of the winter. There is something satisfying to the immediacy or clearing the snow from your driveway that gives an immediate rush of accomplishment — and joy. Well, take that feeling and power it with a train!

Videographer Brandon Clement travels the globe shooting videos of nature in the extreme. The site,, is worth the bookmark. His latest shoot was at the Donner Pass in California where a train was fitted with ha snowplow. It made for an amazing watch.

Clement posted a commentary to his YouTube channel about the shoot.

“This is in Soda Springs, CA just on the west side of Donner Pass,” he said. “I couldn’t shoot in the pass due to visibility being below required for drone flight. #trains are Union Pacific. I’ll openly admit I do not know a lot about trains but always wanted to get shots of them #plowing and took up #trainspotting for a day. Perhaps a #railway fan can help me out in the comments. Shots took place after 4 feet of snow fell in Soda Springs #California after a major #snow #storm.”

The pass originally got its name from the Donner Party, which was stranded and perished there in 1846. The group has infamously resorted to cannibalism in order to survive.

Currently there are a handful of resorts in the area: Donner Ski Ranch, Boreal, and Sugar Bowl. There is also close locations for Kingvale and Soda Springs — which is where this video originated for Clement.

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