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Michigan Stocks Inland Waters With Trout For January Season Launch

In many of the northern United States it is ice fishing season. For Michigan that is also true, but there are plenty of other waters to explore.

Beginning on Saturday, Jan. 14 anglers in Michigan can shift focus from frozen lakes to the inland waters. It leaves walleye, pike and panfish for those on the frozen surface and shifts attention to the stockpile of potential catches for everyone else. The staff of the DNR — as well as Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board — spent their time stocking trout into nine of the Grand Rapids designated trout lakes.

It also announced the amounts — and types — for each of the location.

  • Camp Four Lake, 11 miles northeast of Chisholm, received 375 yearling brook trout.
  • Erskine Lake, 13 miles northeast of Bigfork, received 2,740 fingerling splake.
  • Kremer Lake, 16 miles north of Grand Rapids, received 3,600 yearling rainbow troutll.
  • Lucky Lake, 14 miles north of Grand Rapids, received 600 yearling brown trout.
  • Moonshine Lake, 17 miles north of Grand Rapids, received 500 yearling rainbow trout.
  • Pickerel Lake (McCarthy Beach State Park), 15 miles northwest of Chisholm, received 335 yearling splake.
  • LaRue mine pit in Nashwauk received 1,500 yearling rainbow trout.
  • Kinney mine pit in Kinney received 2,400 yearling rainbow trout.
  • Tioga mine pit, three miles south of Cohasset, received 2,100 yearling rainbow trout.

Of the waters that it controls only Deepwater Lake will be stocked in 2023.

Matt Ward, DNR Grand Rapids assistant area fisheries supervisor, released a statement about the process. He said that sustenance, not sport, is the major factor for which area gets what fish.

“Stocking these stream trout species offers trout angling opportunities and the chance for fresh fish for the dinner table,” he said. “The area’s trout lakes offer unique ice fishing experiences, with water clarity allowing anglers to see the bottom in 20 feet of water on some lakes.”

Take note that seasonal trout fishing on the lakes will require an annual angling license and a trout stamp. The release details that approximately 40% of anglers who purchase a trout stamp in Minnesota landed a trout. Anglers fishing trout in these lakes with a 24- or 72-hour angling license are not required to purchase a trout stamp.

The 2023 season on the lakes above is Saturday, Jan. 14, through Friday, March 31. The ‘summer season’ is from Saturday, May 13, through Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2023.

Prospective anglers can find more information on DNR Lakefinder and on the DNR fishing page.

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