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Mock One Hammock : Review

We were the first ones to get our hands on the Mock One Hammock for a sneak preview.

I love hammocks. There just isn’t anything that I find to be as comfortable as swaying in the breeze in a nice hammock. I even have one strung across my living room and I prefer it over the couch. Is there anything that I don’t like about hammocks? Yes. It’s the fact that you need two trees to get your sway on.

There are plenty of hammock¬†stands out there but they all weigh 30+ pounds. They’re also bulky and a pain to move around. These are the problems that the Mock One Hammock solves. It weighs under 15 pounds and packs down to a little more than your average camping chair. There are thoughtful features built in, like the mesh gear basket underneath, and the head and foot pads. The prototype that I tested also had the mosquito net, which is absolutely necessary where I live. The thought of setting this thing up next to my favorite lake in the summer for some bug-free chill time sounds like heaven. While it’s not in the video, I was able to check out the rain fly on a separate occasion and it is also well designed.

The best part is that the Mock One weighs under 15 pounds, so toting it to your favorite chill spot is easy. The Kickstarter for the Mock One Hammock will be launching in a few weeks and we’ll update this post just as soon as it does. Stay tuned!

The Mock One Kickstarter campaign is live!


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