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Most Popular Outdoor Things To Do in Dallas

Dallas may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of outdoor activities. The summers are incredibly hot, it’s relatively flat and there isn’t much wilderness to speak of. Despite those facts, D-Town is actually a great location for outdoor adventure. And here are seven of the most popular outdoor things to do in Dallas.

Take a Dallas running tour

Image by Dallas Running Tours

1201 Marilla Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Want a unique way to explore Dallas? Dallas Running Tours is a commercial outfit that offers guided tours of the city while running. The introductory tour is 4 miles, with optional extra miles added depending on what you want to see. You’ll take in the West End Historic District, White Rock Lake, the Katy Trail, Downtown, and plenty of other places too. 

Tours are led by local guides and seasoned runners. They generally run at a reasonable (beginner-friendly) pace while explaining where you are, and what you’re seeing and adding tons of fun facts about the city.

Spend time in Klyde Warren Park

2012 Woodall Rodgers Freeway,
Dallas, TX 75201

Klyde Warren Park is located in the city’s arts district. It’s a large space, just over five acres, and a firm favorite of locals in good weather. You’ll often wander through the park and see families, groups of people and friends just hanging out.

There are areas for dogs to play, children to run around, games areas, places to sit, a butterfly garden, daily fitness sessions, yoga, performances, and even movie screenings throughout the year. 

If you don’t feel like running, cycling, kayaking or being active, spending time wandering the park and sampling one of the many food trucks that frequent the park is also a great way to spend time.

Cycle or paddle White Rock Lake

Image by White Rock Lake

8300 E Lawther Drive,
Dallas, TX 75218

White Rock Lake Park is another local highlight. It’s only five miles from Downtown and easily accessible from anywhere. It’s one of the largest parks in Dallas, with its own lake and walking trails. 

There are also boat races and performances held throughout the year.

There’s space for sitting around, playing games, hiking, biking, kayaking in the 1000-acre lake, and hanging out. There are 9 miles of good-quality trails running throughout the park, which is popular with walkers and bikers.

The lake is a hotspot for kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, and a spot of fishing and there’s plenty of space for everyone.

Hike the Trinity River Forest

1800 Dowdy Ferry Road
Dallas, TX 75217

The Trinity River Forest forms part of the larger park and Audubon Center in Dallas. The complex includes the center, an adventure park, and a forest where you can hike and enjoy the great outdoors.

It’s the largest urban bottomland hardwood forest in America at 6,000 acres and is very popular with locals and visitors alike. It can get busy at the weekend but there’s enough parking and space for everyone.

You’ll need to book tickets for the Audubon Center and adventure park but if you want to hike the forest you can just turn up and walk. 

It’s a lovely place to spend time a short distance southeast of the city.

Walk or skate The Katy Trail

Image by TrailLink

The Katy Trail is a private and community project along an old railway line. It’s largely flat with a good surface, ideal for walking or skating depending on your ability.

It’s a popular trail with shared access, one path for walking and the other for shared use, cycling, skating, and so on. There are no motorized vehicles allowed so it’s a safe space for all the family.

The trail starts or ends at Reverchon Park in the south and Knox Intersection at the north. There are mile markers all along and plenty of places to rest, rehydrate or eat along the way.

Mountain bike in Boulder Park

6600 Pastor Bailey Drive, Dallas, TX

Boulder Park is a short driver southwest of Dallas along Highway 67. It’s a small park next to Dallas Executive Airport that’s designed for runners and mountain bikers. There are around 10 miles of trails in all to enjoy.

There are several loops for all abilities, including a couple ideal for relative newcomers. 

Most are rated intermediate, so we wouldn’t recommend visiting there on your first bike. If you have a few months under your belt and have decent bike handling skills, you should be fine. 

Take a night eBike tour of Downtown Dallas

Image byViator

4314 Elm Street,
Dallas, TX 75226,

A night-time eBike tour of Downtown Dallas will show you aspects of the city you have likely never seen before. It’s an easy-going commercial tour that uses pedal power with a little electric help to circumnavigate aspects of the city.

You’ll cycle through Deep Ellum, the Dallas Arts District, Klyde Warren Park, Swiss Avenue Historic District, and the AT&T Discovery District before looping back to the start.

The main tour takes just over 2 hours and is at pace, but not rushed. You’ll have plenty of time to see the sights. You can also ask questions and hear all about where you are and where you’re going. 

If you’re new in town or are just visiting, this tour provides great insight.

The weather is generally great in the Lone Star State, so why wouldn’t you want to spend time outside when there’s so much to do and so much sunshine? 

Hopefully, there’s something here that inspires you to get out and explore this amazing city.

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