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Mountain House Chicken And Dumplings: Review

I’ve always been a fan of freeze dried meals for camping. I probably use them the way most people do – I don’t bring 12 freeze dried meals and live off nothing but that for a weekend. Rather, I grab a few of them and make them when I don’t feel like doing much. Sometimes it’s nice to crawl out of the hammock, boil some water, and have a tasty meal in a few minutes. Mountain House has been around for almost 50 years, so you’ve definitely seen that familiar blue package at your favorite outdoor retailer. They’ve been rolling out new flavors lately, and the Mountain House Chicken and Dumplings package is one of them. They sent us a few to try out so I had one for lunch at work (because I don’t have a camping trip planned in the next week or two).



The preparation is unexciting. You just boil some water, pour it in, and seal it up for 8-9 minutes. Opening it up is a different story. Out comes a waft reminiscent of a Thanksgiving dinner. The dumplings are surprisingly accurate in flavor and texture, and I have to give the chicken a passing grade as well. I ate the entire package for two reasons. First, it was delicious, and I was happy to get 30 grams of protein. Secondly, the package says two servings but in my opinion it’s really one. One serving is only 310 calories, which won’t cut it for a work lunch, let alone a meal after a day of hiking. 620 calories was a little closer to what I usually have for lunch. The only thing to keep in mind is your sodium intake. Most freeze dried meals are higher in sodium so just make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. My verdict? $7.49 for a meal this tasty in a few minutes is well worth it out on the trail. I’ll be throwing the Mountain House Chicken And Dumplings in my camp box.


Mountain House Chicken And Dumplings
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