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Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes Review

Created by Michelle Leutzinger and Tobias Glienke, Munk Pack was inspired by one of nature’s furry friends, the chipmunk, whose lifestyle and diet reflect the essence of each pouch. Like the chipmunk, Michelle and Tobias gather high quality, real ingredients to give you healthy great tasting meals. They’re built for adventure as the squeezable snacks are an easy, on-the-go, and ready to eat source of nutrients. They contain a blend of whole grain rolled oats, flax, a variety of fruits and are gluten free. One of its unique features is the spouted pouch, which allows it to be a non-perishable item without containing any artificial preservatives. Currently, Munk Pack offers three different flavors including apple quinoa cinnamon, blueberry acai flax, and raspberry coconut. These wholesome snacks definitely don’t sacrifice quality for convenience and are on a mission to promote a healthier lifestyle. Judging by the their look, taste, and affordability, we at 50 Campfires think these pouches are a success.

Raspberry Coconut Pouch
Muck Pack Pouches


Appearance- The earthy tones and graphics on the packaging make the pouches inviting and fun to eat. The three flavors are easily distinguishable through color, while each pouch still shares a similar design. At first glance, the mixture inside looks interesting and not what one would expect, being it an oat based product. The oatmeal mixture has a brown-ish tone, but it doesn’t taste how it looks.

Taste- All three flavors have great taste and give a sense of freshness to each bite. The essence of the fruit flavor gives off hint of tartness that is very appealing. The flavor also lasts awhile in your mouth, which is up for debate on the liking of that. The one down side to the Munk Pack is for those who are texture-based eaters. There are little chunks of oat and fruit throughout that must be chewed. Other than that, the pouches are very satisfying and healthy too!

Ease of Use- The twist off cap is about as easy as it gets. You simply turn it clockwise with little force and it’s a turn away from a tasty squeeze. Prior to opening, the package does not need to be refrigerated, but once you crack the seal it needs to be stored in the fridge. Again, it’s a simple two-step process, twist and eat.


Junk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes
Munk Pack Pouches

Value- Each Munk Pack contains 6 4.2 oz pouches and runs at a price of $14.99, roughly $2.50 per pouch. The packs can be purchased in a select number of local foods stores or buy your 3 flavor 6-pack sampler here. To find a store near you use the store locator on the Munk Pack website.

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