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Naturally, Angler Lands Monster Muskie With ‘Last Cast’ Of Day

‘One last cast’ … a proclamation that must be declared aloud. It is like squeezing the drill trigger twice just to make sure it works. We do it… ummm, because? Because that last cast has landed some of our best catches. Right?

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It sure did for Bill Swanson. His ‘last cast’ of the day landed him a monster muskie.

According to NewYorkUpstate.com, the angler and his friend had fished Chautauqua Lake for two straight days, without a bite, and were about to call it quits. And then, as is tradition, it was last cast.

“And we’re just getting ready to stand up and say, ‘Welp, you know, we gave it heck,’ and all of a sudden the reel went up,” Swanson said.

“She did two tail splashes and totally drenched both of us in the back of the boat. It was just so great.”

The report said that before releasing the muskie, the pair took the measurements: 51-inches and 40-pounds. Of course they said they have caught bigger. No really. Swanson claimed a bigger muskie catch on Buffalo Harbor.

The pair were trolling in only 16 feet of water; which made the 10-minute fight quite intense.

“It’s a time of year when you can really get some big fish,” Swanson told the outlet. “They’re going on that frenzy where they’re bulking up for winter. So if you happen to hit it right you can catch those amazing fish.”

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