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You Need to Check Out The Marshmallow Cart

Visiting the Marshmallow Cart in Portland, Maine

Most days – nearly every day it’s not catering an event – The Marshmallow Cart is found on a street corner in a park in Portland, Maine. Co-founder Madison Gouzie’s specialty are made-to-order s’mores – cooked to perfection on the spot – featuring his own homemade marshmallows incorporating locally sourced seasonal ingredients. That includes Maine Blueberries in the late summer … among others. The icing on the cake – in this case, underneath the marshmallows – are his homemade graham crackers.

Nick and Clint’s reaction? The 50 Campfires team has tasted a lot of s’mores in living up to the company slogan, “Let’s get toasted,” but The Marshmallow Cart treats rank at the top of their lists!

The Marshmallow Cart Guy toasts one up for 50 Campfires

The Marshmallow Cart in Portland Maine turns out gourmet street food with penache.
Nick can't believe how good the s'mores from the Marshmallow Cart taste.
Clint can't take time to talk away from eating his Marshmallow Cart s'more.




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