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Nite Ize Doohickey Pet Tool: Review

There’s nothing better than taking your dog out for a nice summer jog, but then you remember that along with the hopefully beautiful weather comes the ticks and other creepy crawlies trying to latch onto your best friend. Of course, along with bugs can come the many other challenges the trail or dog park often brings to our attention.

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What Is It?

The Nite Ize Doohickey Pet Tool has a lot of features I really enjoy. One of the best parts is that it’s equipped with a locking carabiner clip, making it easy for me to just clip onto my backpack, keychain, or even pocket before walking out the door with my four-legged friend.

You’ll notice Nite Ize calls it the 4-in-1 pet multi tool, which is because it features a tick remover, burr comb, nail file, and even a bottle opener.


What Does It Do?

Now, ticks don’t really gross me out to the point where I won’t pluck them off my dog by any means, but when you have an extra hairy pup on your hands you already know how annoying it is to try and locate ticks, let alone actually pull them off of your dog. Any help I can get with this process is greatly appreciated.

I love taking back country trails with my dog, and where we go there is no leash required, so he often darts off into the woods as he pleases. However, along with the ticks and other bugs comes the burrs and other plant pieces that end up woven into his coat by the time we get home, so I really can’t tell you how grateful I am for the burr comb addition to this product.

Hangnails can definitely put a damper on you and your dog’s adventure. Obviously we all try to make sure our dog’s nails are clipped and healthy before embarking on a big trip, but you never know when something might go wrong, which is why it’s great the Doohickey Pet Tool has that added feature as well.


Alright, alright you caught me… the bottle opener probably isn’t for my dog. But if I’m out with my friends and their dogs camping, hiking, or just adventuring, having a bottle opener for those of us who are two legged will come in pretty handy.

If you have a dog you enjoy taking out hiking and camping, I definitely recommend taking a peek at the Doohickey Pet Tool. It provides a great solution for some little issues you’re bound to run into at some point or another.


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