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ogo sports disk

Ogo Sports OgoDisk Overview

Ogo Sports pushes to design more than just toys and sporting good. Ogo Sports designs active play games for all ages. All of the products they sell are designed with safety, quality and integrity in consideration. Encouraging active play and exercise, they make their products fun for young children to grandparents. The OgoDisk is fun for all ages.

What Makes It Unique
The Ogo Sports OgoDisk is a hand trampoline for balls; throw, catch, and bounce! You can also use the OgoDisk as a frisbee! Bounce any ball, between multiple partners or just yourself. With many different disks available for purchase, you will find just the right one for you. The Super Ogo Sports OgoDisk provides you with the largest target area for easy bouncing, the Mezo OgoDisk combines a large target area with a thinner handle for smaller hands, the mini OgoDisk flies the farthest and its small target area increases difficulty.

Manufacturer: Ogo Sport
Product Name: OgoDisk
MSRP: $33-$46

ogo sports disk
Ogo Sports OgoDisk

ogo sports disk
Ogo Sports OgoDisk

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