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One Dead, One Injured After Shootout at Yellowstone National Park

A shootout overnight at Yellowstone National Park left one person dead and one person injured. While there isn’t much information available yet, here is what we know.

Over the night, from July 3 to July 4, Yellowstone says there was “a significant law enforcement incident at Canyon Village in the central part of Yellowstone National Park.” An individual had a firearm and was making threats, though it’s not clear what kind of threats and to whom.

Someone must have reported the individual, and rangers responded.

“When rangers contacted the individual there was an exchange of gunfire between the subject and law enforcement rangers,” Yellowstone says in its press release.

The individual with the firearm died in the shootout, and the scuffle left a Yellowstone law-enforcement ranger injured. The ranger is recovering in the hospital.

Yellowstone is not releasing either individual’s identity while special agents from the National Park Service (NPS) and the FBI further investigate the deadly incident.

NPS wants the public to know that there are currently no active threats at Yellowstone National Park. However, officials have closed the area surrounding the Canyon Lodge complex to help in the ongoing investigation.  

UPDATE 7/10/24: Find the latest on this incident here.

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