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Only in Australia: Venomous Snake Found Hiding on a Child’s Bed

Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast posted a video to social media that has a lot of people spooked. A venomous red-bellied black snake was hiding amongst the stuffed animals on a young child’s bed. Thankfully, someone spotted it before bedtime and called in the experts.

In the video posted to Facebook, you can hear a child’s voice in the background as the family watches from a safe distance. The snake catcher is extremely calm as he uses a snake-hook tool to move the stuffies to reveal a snake curled up near the child’s pillow.

The snake catcher picks the snake up by the tail with his bare hands and places it on the floor, where he has placed a large bag. The curious snake enters the bag on its own, and the man gives it a little encouragement to go all the way in (in the form of a gentle poke).

The whole scene is remarkably chill, considering the situation.

Watch the chillest snake catcher ever snatch a venomous snake from a child’s bed:

Red-bellied black snakes are one of the most common snakes on the east coast of Australia (this encounter was in Jimboomba in Queensland). According to the Australian Museum, this species is responsible for a number of bites every year, but its bites are not as deadly as those of many other venomous snakes in Australia.

Nevertheless, we’re glad this child didn’t accidentally snuggle up with a venomous animal and receive a nasty shock—or worse.

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