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Oxx CoffeeBoxx : The Best Reason To Book An Electric Campsite

If you travel by RV or camper – or are the type of tent camper that often finds themselves staying overnight at electrical campsites – the Oxx CoffeeBoxx might be the best caffeine delivery mechanism since the perculator. We recently took it on a weeklong trip around Lake Michigan, and while it took up a little extra space in the truck – it was the easiest way yet that we’ve found to brew a cup of coffee – or even moreso, get on-demand hot water at camp.

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We’re all likely familiar with a Keurig coffee system for the home. They have a water reservoir tank, plug into the wall, and oftentimes take a Keuring K-Cup size coffee pod. Well, the Oxx CoffeeBoxx also has these features, except it’s built for the outdoors, and rugged enough to withstand 1,500 pounds of pressure (that’s insane!) But it doesn’t stop there.

When empty, the CoffeeBoxx weighs in at 12lbs. This is great for transport, easy enough for even the smaller campers in our group to transport this camping coffee maker to the picnic table for setup. Even better, the 85oz water tank is removable – which made it easy to carry back and forth to the campsite well for fillups. There were 3 of us in camp drinking coffee on any given morning, and the water tank ended up lasting us about 2 days per fill – which was ideal.

Because the Oxx CoffeeBoxx is rugged enough to use on a construction job site, we love the fact that the build was able to keep dust (and leaves, dirt & acorns) out of our coffee water. Not to mention, heating up water & coffee over an open fire introduces ash and other debris that we’d rather not drink.

In addition to the CoffeeBoxx itself, we also had the CoffeeBoxx Field Case, which provided some extra padding, and compartments (including one dedicated to the K-Cups!) We loved it.

If you’re looking for the perfect coffee companion for your next RV, camper or camping trip – we suggest checking out the Oxx CoffeeBoxx. It’s a caffeine game changer.


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