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Pack Your Patience and These Travel Tips for the Holidays

If you can’t just hit the mountains and have to travel for the holidays, the process of getting anywhere can be a total drag.

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But just remember — we’re in this together. All the other people in the airport also have flights to catch — and would probably would rather be in the mountains, we would like to believe.

Pack your patience and follow these basic rules to make the skies friendlier for everyone.

Allow plenty of time: When possible, give yourself at least two hours to check your luggage, get through security and find your gate. Procrastinators have no one but themselves to blame for missing their flights.

You know the security drill: Don’t wait until the last second to remove your shoes. The same goes for electronics in your bags.

Nobody else wants to hear your music: So bring headphones! (This rule should really apply for all forms of public transportation.)

Mind your personal space: Don’t spread out all over the floor at your gate. Nobody wants to step over you and all your stuff just to plug in their phones.

The airport bathroom is not like your bathroom at home: People who need to make connecting flights shouldn’t have to wait for you to finish grooming before they can wash their hands.

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