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The Piggyback Rider Makes It Easy To Bring Your Kids Anywhere

Sometimes you want to be able to bring your kids on a long hike or day adventure but know that they just don’t have the endurance to make it that long. Well now you can bring them along on any adventure with the Piggyback Rider. This award winning invention is a standing child carrier, providing an effortless way to carry a child (2½+ years) on your back, replacing bulky backpack carriers and strollers.

The Piggyback Rider has a sturdy construction, using a robust foam core for comfort. It includes a cell phone pocket on the front, a rear zip pocket for small items, a basic child safety harness and a multi-use storage bag. It very easily distributes weight, even while your child stands firmly on the tempered aluminum bar, which is supported by the shoulder carrier. Safety was a major thought in the design of this project with integrated grab handles for the children to hold on to and a harness system that goes around them for added safety. The Piggyback Rider makes going for a hike, walking in the park and shopping at the mall a breeze.

Price: $99-$149

  • Robust foam core
  • Ergonomic weight distribution for reduced long term strain
  • 6-point safety contact
  • Four secure hand holds
  • Sturdy non-slip aluminum bar
  • Safety harness tethers to carrier (included)
  • Meets all CPSC standards

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