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Labor Day Deals Spotlight: 50% of the Pros Closet

We’re wrapping up the week before Labor Day with a great deal at the Pros Closet. If you’ve been looking to up your bike game this summer, this is the sale you’ve been waiting for. The company is offering up to 50% off its whole store, so it’s a great opportunity to try something new.

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The Pros Closet helps you buy, sell, and trade gear to get something new or new to you. No matter what you’re looking for, the Pros Closet has something to help. The company offers a 30-day free trial of your certified pre-owned bike before you fully commit to it. 

Whether you need new parts for your bike, like tires or a new rotator, or you’re in need of a whole new bike, the Pros Closet has something for everyone. If your bike is good to go, there are also plenty of options in apparel, including racing shoes.

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