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Rampshot: Review

I love yard games. There’s nothing better than having a few friends over for a little friendly trash talking and a few beers on a sunny Saturday. From horseshoes to ladder ball, I’ve played them all. That’s why I’m always looking for something new. Rampshot sounded like fun so I decided to give it a try.

What It Is

Rampshot is a two vs two toss-style game. There are two plastic ramps with nets in the middle. To play, you simply try and toss the ball into the net. If you make it you score three points. However, here’s the kicker: the top of the surface is uneven so if you miss there’s no telling where the ball is headed. If your teammate can catch it, that’s one point for you. If the opposing team member can catch it when it bounces backward, it counts as a steal. This means that they’ll get three tosses instead of the standard two during the next round. This can be a real game changer.


In the gif above you see both a great point and an incredible steal. 

Why It’s Fun

Ever accidentally knock something off the table at home and then surprise yourself by just barely catching it? You also wish someone saw it, right? That’s the exact thing that makes Rampshot so fun. When you’re the catcher (known as the “playmaker”) for your team there is a goalie feel to the game. It’s pure reflex, with no time to think. Because the ball is completely unpredictable, every toss is different from the last. The game moves quickly, and there is just enough hustle to keep everyone engaged. It’s not overly physical though, so you can play as many games in a row as you like. And because the premise is so simple any age can play. Another nice feature is that it doesn’t require much space to play because the nets are only about 15 feet apart. It’s very small yard friendly. If you’re looking for a new game this summer that keeps everyone engaged and is easy to learn you can’t go wrong with Rampshot.

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