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Random Reflective Monolith Found on a Las Vegas Hiking Trail

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) said it sees “a lot of weird things when people go out hiking,” but nothing touches this—a random reflective monolith in the middle of a Las Vegas hiking trail. How did it get there? Why is it there? And what is it, exactly?

Members of Las Vegas Search and Rescue spotted the bizarre structure this past weekend near Gass Peak, according to an X post from the LVMPD. It appears to be a tall prism made from reflective metal, but, unfortunately, neither organization provides much more information, like how tall it is, how heavy it is, and whether authorities have already removed it from the trail or not.

It’s not the first time this thing (or something like it) has appeared in a random place. A reflective monolith showed up in the Utah desert in 2020, and then similar monoliths appeared in various places around the world, including Freemont Street in Las Vegas. Monoliths have also made appearances in Romania and Wales.

Theories abound about how the monoliths get to their final destinations and why. Some people even think aliens are behind the phenomenon.

What do you make of this mystery?

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