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Mark Your Calendars: Rare ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse This October

October 14, 2023 will give us the rare opportunity to view the Annular Eclipse, aka the Ring of Fire. The last eclipse of this kind was 11 years ago in May of 2012. This eclipse gets its name because the moon will cover the face of the sun, leaving just a small ring of light around it. During this Annular Eclipse, the moon will cover 91% of the sun’s surface. The solar eclipse will take place over the course of three hours, but the annularity will only last for about three minutes.

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The Ring of Fire’s Path

Unfortunately, because this is a solar eclipse, the Ring of Fire will not be viewable everywhere, so if you want to see it, you’ll want to book a trip ASAP. This Annular Eclipse will be viewable from eight states, from Oregon to Texas. The eclipse will also be on display in Mexico and many countries in Central and South America.

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When to See It

The best time to view the Ring of Fire will depend on where you are viewing it from. According to NASA, the eclipse will begin in Oregon at 9:13 AM Pacific and will end in Texas around 12:03 PM Central. The Ring of Fire will be viewable within the 125-137-mile-wide path of annularity.

Though the actual “ring of fire” is only set to last 4.5-5 minutes, it is definitely a can’t-miss opportunity. The longest ring of fire will be viewable off the coast of Texas on Padre Island

If you cannot get to one of the eight states where it’ll be best viewable, you’ll be able to catch a partial eclipse. If you are within the path of annularity and you’re planning on watching the eclipse, it is highly recommended that you wear eclipse glasses during the entirety of the event. 

If you can’t get outside during the eclipse, you can always check out a live stream of the event instead.

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