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Red Panda Cub Is Overjoyed Playing In Snow For The First Time

My love for the endlessly adorable red panda sparked from the semi-recent gif of one ‘attacking’ a stone and stealing its animated gun. We have all seen it, right? At one point, I thought my love stemmed from the Nintendo classic Super Mario Bros. 3, but that was Tanooki Mario; not a red panda.

Like many areas across the world, Hertfordshire, England was hit with snowfall recently. The winter blast dropped more than six inches on Paradise Wildlife Park, which created an opportunity for this awesome visual.

Tashi — a cub born just five months ago — was clearly excited to see the white powder for the first time in its life.

Paradise Wildlife Park put up a page on its website to celebrate the occasion. It also had to release a statement on the development with Tashi.

A spokesperson said, “It’s great to see Tashi experiencing their first snowfall and with their double layer of fur we can ensure you Tashi is still extra toasty in the snow.”

It is not the first time Tashi has made headlines for the park. Tashi first gained fame as a ‘miracle’ birth. The establishment did not know that Tashi’s mother was pregnant at the time his father passed. When Paradise Wildlife Park learned of the birth, Tashi went viral!

“SURPRISE! The pawsitive news of ‘Little Red’ has well and truly broken the internet today,” it posted. “Our cub has been around the world and back stealing the hearts of millions!”

Can Tashi compete with this armed robber?

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