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Reindeer Games: Woman Captures Video of Deer Playing in Pebble Beach Surf

It is not just the World Cup that is taking its turn on center stage. Apparently, as the song goes, there are some Reindeer Games happening as Christmas approaches.

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Either that or deer in California are not too different than humans. It was a nice afternoon to enjoy the surf on their hooves; sun on the horns. . . as it where.

Liz Selbicky filmed the footage shown below. She can also be heard asking the deers what they are up to. The footage shows several deer walking out onto the sand and starting the Reindeer Games by splashing into the ocean. 

“I’ve lived here my entire life and I’ve never seen deer frolic through the ocean like this,” Selbicky told KSBW 8.

The report stated that water temperature in Monterey Bay was 52 degrees Fahrenheit on the day the video was shot. That confirms that the deer do not require a wet suit to get out there.

No word on what the rest of the opening ceremonies are. Sadly, even after all these years, Rudolph was not invited.

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