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Remember The Acronym COLD To Stay Warm

Staying warm in the winter is easy.

You just have to follow a few simple rules. Let’s cover the well-known acronym COLD in detail.

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  1. Clean clothes are warm clothes. As your clothes become covered in sweat and grime they will start to lose their insulating properties. Even a t-shirt has it’s own amount of “loft.” If it’s dirty that loft becomes compromised.
  2. Overheating will put a chill in your bones quicker than just about anything. When you sweat in cold temperatures it becomes very difficult to get dry again. You’re doing it right if you’re just a little bit cold. If you start to sweat make sure you drop a layer so you don’t become sweaty.
  3. Layering has practically become a buzzword in the outdoor community because we hear it so often. This is because it works. Staying warm is all about trapping air, and layering is still the best way to do that. Just make sure you’re clothing isn’t too tight. Compression means a loss of insulating properties, so keep it loose.
  4. Dry clothing is warm clothing. Beyond that, the type of clothing matters, because some insulates despite not being fully dry. This is why merino wool is such a popular winter fabric. It will give you some leeway when it comes to #2. Also make sure that you’re always starting with dry clothing. Alternating socks and shirts can help. If you start with a damp base layer you’ll likely by damp most of the day. If you keep the acronym COLD in mind, I promise you’ll have a more pleasurable winter.


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