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Find Yourself Swearing at Allen Keys? This New Product Is for You

U.K.-based “engineering oddities” company MetMo is introducing a “cutting-edge” pocket driver designed to, as their tagline reads: “Assemble Anything, Anywhere, All At Once!” 

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Promoted by Jellop, this pocket driver has already secured over $1 million in funding on Kickstarter and was named one of ProductHype's Best Kickstarter Projects of 2023.

The MetMo pocket driver bridges the gap between hex/allen keys, T-drivers, micro drivers, and screwdrivers as an all-in-one solution.

The pocket driver is nothing new; it’s been around since about 1871. MetMo says they’ve made the pocket driver new by miniaturizing it, thereby creating a tool “unlike anything else.” The company even claims it can be used as a fidget toy and a tool, saying that rotating the chuck is hugely satisfying.

Although there are other “pocket drivers” available on the market, like the CRKT Pocket Driver, the idea behind MetMo’s reinvention is that existing products are glorified screwdrivers. The MetMo pocket driver boasts maximum torque of 17Nm (3.822 lbf or 150 lb.in), although the company claims it can go even higher.

MetMo designer Sean Sykes said, "Most drivers are plastic or crafted from cheap materials. Ours is CNC machined from aerospace grade aluminium and hardened martensitic stainless steel."


A Modern Twist on a Design From the 1920s

The new Metmo Pocket Driver is a redesign of a 1920s ratchet screwdriver, which was patented by Conrad Baumann under the brand name Baumann-Weltrecord. MetMo added a modern twist, bringing the pocket driver into the 21st century with state-of-the-art machining techniques.

MetMo says it prioritized a small design because their backers “wanted something smaller for everyday carry.” The tool is perfect for everyday builds, bicycle maintenance, IKEA furniture assembly, etc., and it is small enough to carry around. 

MetMo says thanks to its design, annoyingly small allen keys will be a thing of the past.

Love tools? Comment with your thoughts on this innovative design.

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  1. What would be just as cool would be a picture or video on it. All those brilliant investors and nobody knew marketing 101?

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