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Reverse Sear Steak and Add Campfire Smokiness

A-Maze-N Smoker Tube delivers flavorful smoke to reverse sear steak.
The A-Maze-N Tube Smoker adds delicious smoke during the process of bringing the steak’s internal temp to 125-130 degrees.

A-Maze-N Tube Smoker Ups Your Steak Grilling Game Have you tried the reverse sear steak cooking method and adding campfire smokiness? If you haven’t, you’re in for a great treat. And it’s so easy to do! The A-Maze-N Tube Smoker comes into play and reveals its versatility once again. It’s a camp cooking secret weapon every camper should have.

Next time you’re planning to reverse sear steak for a campout banquet, be sure to bring along your A-Maze-N Smoker Tube, your portable gas grill, and a cast iron Dutch oven. With those items in your arsenal, here’s what you do.

Prep to Reverse Sear Steak with Smoke

  1. Select steaks that are at least one inch thick. Set them out in the package or wrapper to come up to room temperature … that means at least half an hour.
  2. Season the steaks the way you prefer. Simple salt and fresh ground black pepper is really all you need since the smoke is going to add a whole new dimension in flavor.
  3. Pour smoke pellets into you’re A-Maze-N Tube Smoker. Since you’ll only be smoking for about half an hour or so, you only need to fill a 6-inch tube less than half full. Oak smoke is great for beef, but use what you like.
  4. Light the pellets with a torch and let the flame burn out on its own. They will continue to smolder and produce the smoke you’re after.
  5. Start the grill and set it on low so the temp on the grill’s thermometer comes up to 275 degrees, but not much higher.

Warming & Smoking

  1. When the A-Maze-N Tube is smoking well and the grill is up to temp, position the tube on its side in the center of the gas grill grate.
  2. If the grill has a upper grate, position the steaks on it. If not, position them on the main grate around the tube.
  3. Insert the probe of a remote reading meat thermometer carefully into the center of the thinnest steak.
  4. Set the thermometer’s receiving unit to alert you when temp reaches 125 degrees.
  5. Close the grill cover and leave it closed until the thermometer tells you the meat has reached temperature.
  6. Remove the meat immediately when the alarm goes off. Place it on a plate and tent it with aluminum foil to rest for 15 minutes.

Final Searing

  1. While the steaks are resting, heat a large cast iron Dutch oven over the campfire to screaming hot.
  2. Add enough cooking oil (peanut is the best, but others will work) to cover the bottom of the Dutch oven about 1/8 inch deep.
  3. Using long handled tongs, IMMEDIATELY add the steaks spaced evenly in the bottom of the kettle.
  4. Sear each side just long enough to develop a good “hard” caramelized deep brown crust, but not quite black. It’s okay to check often and flip the steaks several times to get them just right.
  5. Remove steaks and serve immediately since they’ve already rested before the final sear.
  6. You can serve whole steaks with a steak knife to each diner, or cut each steak into pieces, across the grain and on the diagonal, to show of the beautifully cooked center of the meat.
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