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Video: This is What it Looks Like to Ride a Bike Downhill at 50mph

Professional cyclist Tom Pidcock looked like a streak of lightning as he zipped down Southern California’s Tuna Canyon. 

It’s all in the latest episode of cyclist and filmmaker Brian “Safa” Wagner’s YouTube series Descent Disciples. In the video, Wagner follows professional cyclist Pidcock riding as he tackles the steep one-way road in the Santa Monica Mountains. 

It’s not for the faint of heart, as it boasts roughly 65 bends in 4.4 kilometers and drops 390 meters at an average gradient of 9.75% that maxes out at 18%. If the numbers make your head spin, they should — it’s pretty gnarly. 

Safa himself previously recorded the fastest known time on the route in 2020, beating times set during the 2005 Red Bull Road Rage event, so he’s no stranger to how difficult this feat is. Further, Tuna Canyon is a huge draw for riders to show off what they can do. 

“Tuna Canyon is a great stage for a world-class rider like Tom to showcase his bike handling skills,” Wagner told Cycling Tips

There are plenty of other descents throughout the area to shock onlookers with wicked talent, but Tuna Canyon is one of the most challenging. According to Wagner, Pidcock’s ability to handle the harrowing descent “with only a handful of sighting runs” has helped to solidify his reputation as a superstar descender. 

Whether you’re a cycling fan or you appreciate extreme talent, this episode is well worth taking a look at. Just don’t blink, or you’ll miss it. 

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