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Runner Hospitalized After Being Mobbed by Cows 

A runner in Colorado was attacked by a group of cows while exercising in Boulder County.

Approximately 15-20 cows were involved in the attack. A witness saw the attack happen and called 9-1-1. Rangers arrived in 15 minutes and took the runner to the hospital. The jogger’s condition is currently unknown.

Officials temporarily closed the Meadowlark Trailhead, where the attack occurred, because of the aggressive cattle. Boulder County Parks and Open Space posted June 7 that the aggressive cattle had been moved to a fenced-in field, and the trail has since reopened.

Reports of aggressive cattle aren’t uncommon. Rangers warn that joggers should take care and back away from cattle that do not move from their path. Cows can have a mob mentality and attack in groups, and they may trample or push a person to the ground. They often group together when pressured or threatened. In the summer months, cattle are more likely to be aggressive, because mothers are trying to protect their calves.

People have reported aggressive cattle in this area before, and there are warning signs posted on the Meadowlark Trail in the cattle-grazing areas.

Have you ever encountered aggressive cattle? Drop your tips in the comments.

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