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Selk’bag Marvel Characters Sleeping Bags Overview

Inspired by the lost Selk’nam natives of Tierra del Fuego, Chile, the Selk’bag has a rich history of innovation, technical proficiency, and worldwide recognition from its creation in 2006 through today. Give yourself permission to explore, to play as a child, to jump high, to adventure without limits and to rest deeply in the most comfortable way possible with a Selk’bag. Selk’bags are basically sleeping bags that you can wear around the campsite, and their latest design features the popular Marvel characters!

What Makes It Unique
“The new line will allow campers to go “dressed up” as their favorite Marvel hero.” Cristobal Murillo, VP of Marketing stated. “Our goal here was really to give camping a huge shot in the arm…camping is supposed to be fun so why not make it really fun! Selk’bag is an excellent choice for spring, summer and fall fun outdoors, and is specially designed for camping enjoyment for the whole family.

Manufacturer: Selk’bags
Product Name: Marvel Characters Sleeping Bags
MSRP: $149.00

Selk bag marvel characters
Selk’bag Marvel Characters Sleeping Bags

Selk bag marvel characters
Selk’bag Marvel Characters Sleeping Bag

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