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How One Company is Changing the Way Women Pee Outdoors

When three Vermont college students got together, it’s doubtful that the first thing on their minds was to create game-changing outdoor clothing. But avid outdoorswomen Georgia Grace Edwards, Bianca Gonzalez and Charlotte Massey were tired of baring their bums to the world every time they needed to use the facilities while adventuring. They decided to do something about it and created SheFly to “answer nature’s call.”

What is the SheFly Go There Pant?

Image by SheFly

This all-female owned and operated business started in 2018 and has grown exponentially since. They developed pants made for the squatters of the world. Instead of solid fabric along the crotch of them, the SheFly Go There Pant includes a patented zipper that runs the length of the center seam. It allows those who squat in the woods to have privacy while using the privy in the wide open. Simply unzip the fly, pull the undies to the side and allow yourself to heed nature’s call.

But the pants have more than just its unique zipper. It also includes:

  • Five large pockets
  • Inclusive sizing from 00 to 22
  • An array of colors (with new colors coming)
  • A hybrid nylon-and-spandex fabric for maximum flexibility and durability
  • Mid-high waist for comfort
  • Zipoff or cinchable cuffs to turn the design into capris or joggers

The pants usually run for $168 per pair although there are sales that happen throughout the year to get them at severely discounted prices.

The Pros of the SheFly Go There Pant

Since I bought these pants in the spring of 2022, I’ve used them in various types of conditions. They’ve been worn while sliding down the solid granite slabs of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. They’ve dried quickly after wading in the lakes of northern Germany. The pants have even seen a full day at a county fair, complete with drippings from a candied apple. The point is, they’ve been through a lot and still look like new a year later.

Durability isn’t the only feature I love though. I usually go on adventures with my preschool child and, although he can walk pretty far on his own two feet, he still needs to be carried sometimes. The mid-high waist of the pants allow for a comfortable fit for both my kid’s child carrier and a backpack. The button and zipper don’t dig into my belly which makes adventures that much more enjoyable.

Image by SheFly

Plus, my kid almost always falls asleep when I carry him, which makes for quiet hiking but not if I have to wake him up to pee. Not only does he get quite angry, but it also messes up the rhythm of our hike. With the SheFly Go There Pant, I don’t have to take him off my back to squat when nature calls—and therefore he doesn’t wake up and get cranky. That, in and of itself, is a game-changer. Even if you aren’t carrying a kid on your back, you won’t have to take off your backpack when you need to pee with these pants on.

Don’t even get me started with the pockets either. These pants have five real pockets. And by that, I mean deep pockets that can hold more than just a small lip balm. Need to keep a tampon handy? Keep it in one of the front pockets. That handkerchief during allergy season? Tuck it into the deep back pocket. Even your overly large smartphone will fit nicely in the pocket on the upper right leg. With SheFly being a woman-led company, their designers know the value of the pocket and that we can never have enough of them.

The Cons of the SheFly Go There Pant

The only thing I could negatively say about these pants is the price. At $168, these pants aren’t cheap. However, the founders pride themselves on the quality of the pants, the sustainability of their materials and the high values of their network of suppliers. This means that the end price reflects the amount of work that has gone into them.

Image by SheFly

Once I tried out the first pair I bought, I immediately went online and snagged another one, despite the price. I knew that these pants would be my go-to for adventures. They’ve held their own against the high winds and deep snows of the four-thousand-footers of New Hampshire, the salty seas of the rocky Maine coastline, and the dirty hands of a toddler constantly clawing at my legs.

The Bottom Line on SheFly’s Go There Pant

For years, those who pee standing up have had it so good when it comes to adventuring. They simply turn their backs to the trail, unzip and let everything flow. But for those who squat, things have always been more complicated and cumbersome. Now, SheFly has changed the way those who squat when they pee outdoors. The Go There Pant should be in every squatter’s wardrobe so that adventuring can be just a bit more enjoyable.

Buy the SheFly’s Go There Pant

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