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Stoked Campfire Scallops

Fans of sea scallops know these delicacies benefit most from recipes that take a light hand with seasoning. In fact, with truly fresh scallops from cold seawater, there are those who consider them the ultimate raw seafood.

But just a tiny bit of seasoning and a very short cook turn scallops into a sublime delight. Thinking about using a hint of wood smoke to season scallops sounded incredible – and it turns out it is. Stoking is the perfect method to impart smoke flavor without overcooking which turns scallops rubbery.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be at the ports where you can buy scallops at the dock, they are a pricey ingredient, so you might not be too willing to experiment with a preparation you don’t know and trust. When in doubt, season lightly and work your way up. You can always add more seasoning after they are cooked, but you can’t take it away.

Stoked Campfire Scallops
Cuisine: Seafood

  • Fresh sea scallops (two large scallops per wrap)
  • Old Bay Seasoning
  • Lemon
  • Melted butter

  1. Pour off any juice from scallops.
  2. Season each scallop with less than half a pinch of Old Bay Seasoning (or nothing if you prefer.)
  3. Spray both sides of a Gourment Smoked Wrap generously with water.
  4. Place two scallops side by side on the wrap, parallel with the grain of the wood.
  5. Roll the wrap around the scallops and use a saturated piece of twine to tie around the middle.
  6. Set aside to repeat with other wraps and scallopss, but keep outside of wraps damp by spraying with water occasionally.
  7. Either heat grill to 450 degrees and cook for about 3 minutes, or cook in Dutch oven with a little water in the bottom heated to same temperature for about 3 minutes.
  8. Do not overcook or scallops will become rubbery and much less flavorful.
  9. Melt butter and squeeze in some lemon juice.
  10. Dip bottom of scallop in butter and eat.


kelly_craig_gourmet_smoked_wraps_varietyPRO TIP: Properly cooked, sea scallops have so much wonderful flavor, it takes a gentle hand to improve them. Well, that’s what Kelly Craig’s  Gourmet Smoked Wraps specialize in. Stoking is the perfect method for adding a hint of delicious smoked seafood flavor to scallops and other seafood that don’t require much cooking time. Alder smoke is an excellent choice for all seafood. BUY NOW!


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