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Welcome to 50 Campfires, your one-stop shop for everything camping! Here, you will not only be able to read comprehensive reviews and relevant information on a variety of your favorite camping gear and outdoor equipment, you will also be able to peruse an amazing array of camping recipes. Available for free for your campfire cooking pleasure! We enjoy showcasing amazing camping recipes from our valued readers and is why we have created the camping recipe section to include the camping recipes our readers submit! Now, what could be better than that? We have organized camping recipes into a science, because we mean business when it comes to camping. We have broken down the camping recipes on our site into three different categories. These categories include:

Lunch & Dinner
Snacks & Dessert

Don’t worry, we have you and your family covered morning, noon and night!

Each of our recipes is geared specifically for the camping and outdoor environment, so you know that you will be completely satisfied when you make the delectable dishes that we offer! We cater to campers, we enjoy the outdoors, and we know just how important family time is when camping, and that is why we have created this little camping recipe section so that you, our valued reader, can contribute your favorite recipes and create the winning recipes of your fellow campers! Bon Appétit !

Submit Camping Recipes Here:

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