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Summer Torch Tips : Uses For A Propane Torch

We all know that a Bernzomatic torch will get a campfire up and roaring in no time. Fortunately, it has a ton of other uses around the campsite and outdoors in general. We put together a list of just a few of our favorite uses for a propane torch.

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Note: This is a sponsored post. I am a Bernzomatic Torch Bearer, though all opinions expressed are my own.

Stubborn Spare Tires

Got a stubborn lug nut on your RV or camper trailer? When all else fails, heat cycling can do the trick. That’s gently heating up the nut and lug then letting them cool – several times. This will nearly always do the trick.

A Rolling Boil

Sometimes a camp stove just isn’t an option, and you need boiling water. Using just a Bernzomatic torch, get your water boiling in no time.

Clean Up Blades

Clean up a machete, knife, axe, saw, or shovel blade. If you’ve been cutting anything sticky (like pine or cedar trees/branches) or your blade has caked on mud, a blow torch flame on low can burn the crud right off. Just don’t get too close — you only want to burn the gum, not heat the steel. Finish by polishing with steel wool.

Caramelize Sauces & Sugars

Add flavor to your campsite favorite recipes by caramelizing sauces.

Cleaning Up Loose Ends

If you’ve gotten new gear over the past year, be sure to melt the ends of any tie-downs or rope to ensure it does not fray throughout the season.

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