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TecNu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub Overview

Overview: TecNu Extreme Scrub does three different things. It actually helps you prevent a rash if you can clean up after you’ve been exposed. So let’s say you’re out gardening, hiking, or you’re out camping and you get plant oil on you that causes a rash, TecNu Extreme can remove that oil by washing it up and rinsing it off within 8 hours after exposure. But we always know that not everybody knows they got into something and a rash develops. You still want to use TecNu Extreme to remove that oil, get it off the skin and stop it from spreading. TecNu Extreme not only removes the oil, but it’s also going to help you with the itch, it’s going to help with the rash and healing.

So it’s really a universal product. Widely available, you can get it almost anywhere in the country at many popular retail stores. And if nothing else you can go onto their website, which is and find that item as well. But it’s a great one. If you’re going to get one item for poison oak and ivy, this is the one to get.

Manufacturer: TecNu
Product Name: Extreme

TecNu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub

TecNu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub

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