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The Best Campfire Bacon Brussels Sprouts 

Punch up your campout meal with some delicious greens. Bacon makes everything better, and this brussels sprouts side dish is no exception!

So many of us were forced to eat brussels sprouts as a kid and hated them. As a result, I know lots of adults that have sworn off them for life! I have to admit that I fell into that category myself, up until a few years ago when a friend brought a brussels sprouts side to our Friendsgiving gathering. 

brussels sprouts in a bowl

With a knowing grin, she promised that she had a secret for making brussels sprouts delicious, and, not wanting to be rude, I held my breath and tried a bite. Wow, was I shocked when I immediately loved them! I remembered the brussels sprouts of my childhood being watery and bland, but these were nothing like what I had expected!

Full of flavor, savory, with a satisfying crunch, my heart had officially been converted. I am now a Brussels Sprouts lover! The secret to successful Brussels Sprouts? Bacon, of course! Bacon makes everything better, or so we believe in our house. 

In this recipe, brussels sprouts are tossed in bacon grease to cook, rather than olive oil. They are served with a smattering of crumbled bacon on top which makes them irresistible! Does this make the veggie side slightly less healthy? Yes, but when I see all three of my children (and my husband) scarfing down brussels sprouts, I call that a win!

bacon frying in a pan

Here are tips for the best success:

  • Fresh brussels sprouts are a must, never use frozen or canned!
  • 3-4 Strips of bacon are recommended, but add as many as you like!
  • Be generous with your black pepper for a spicer flavor

Other ideas to customize this dish include:

  • Try experimenting with a variety of bacon flavors
  • Vegetarian? Cut the bacon and add balsamic vinegar for flavor instead

The Best Campfire Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Punch up your campout meal with some delicious greens. Bacon makes everything better, and this brussels sprouts side dish is no exception!
Author: Kelli Myers
  • 4 strips of thick-cut bacon
  • 2 lbs fresh brussels sprouts
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  1. First, using a grilling grate to provide a level surface on the campfire. In a cast-iron skillet, cook bacon for about 20 minutes, flipping every 50 minutes or so. While bacon is cooking, chop brussels sprouts into halves. Remove bacon from skillet when cooked and set on a paper towel to cool. Add brussels sprouts to skillet and toss in the bacon grease. Return the skillet to the fire, cook for approximately 30 minutes. Brussel sprouts should be turning golden and crisp on the outside and you should be able to easily put a fork through them. Crumble the bacon and add as topping to the brussels sprouts.
  2. Serve immediately and enjoy!
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