The Making Of A Reef

Teams in the area have built over 35,000 artificial reefs that can have small bait fish in a matter of weeks. However, it takes about 6 months to a year to have a really healthy, functioning reef for fishing.

One of the guides was out fishing and went on the “airplanes”. The “airplanes” are an artificial reef that are made of two jets that were sunk with big reef balls and pyramids around them so it attracts a lot of fish. One of the unique things about this artificial reef is that the planes have not been out for very long but within just a year, there are now amberjack, snapper, and more.

Why create these artificial reefs? These man-made, underwater structures are purposeful in promoting a healthy, functioning marine life in spaces where there is no reef ecosystem.

This specific reef’s GPS coordinates are located at 30 08 590; 85 51 825 if you want to check it out!

artificial reef