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‘They’re Bonking on Our Veranda’: Two Huge Snakes Go for It

Are they dancing, mating (or “bonking,” as this narrator calls it), or fighting? Two large carpet pythons go for it on a veranda roof in Australia, and the homeowners caught the tussle on video. Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers posted the video to Instagram, thanking a woman named Kay for the entertaining commentary.

As for what the non-venomous carpet pythons are actually doing up there on the veranda roof, Kay and her companion first assume they’re mating. Later, they wonder if the two snakes are actually fighting on the roof. Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers suggests the latter—the two male pythons are duking it out.

Since it’s winter in the southern hemisphere, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers remarks that it’s a bit cold for such a “rambunctious display.” Some relatively warmer temps in this area seem to have energized these cold-blooded macho snakes enough to have a fight.

In the video, you can see the two adult male carpet pythons (misidentified as a female and a male by the narrator) grasping on to each other’s tails as they try to tackle each other with their heads. At one point, one of the snakes sends the other one down the side of the veranda with a loud smack.

Watch two huge snakes on a roof here (explicit language):

Carpet pythons can grow up to 12 feet long and live in areas of Australia and New Guinea.

Since the video cuts short, we’re not sure exactly how this tussle ends. However, we assume the homeowners called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers and the snakes were released back into the wild.

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