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8 Must-Visit Truck Stops for Your Next Road Trip

The building of the American interstate system in the 1940s and 1950s, gave berth to truck stops across the country. In some cases those stops have become destinations of their own.

The modern revolution of Buc-ee’s, Sheetz (or Wawa if you do not enjoy good things), Raceway, Twice Daily and other mainstream options has hurt some of the magic of those early locations, but they still exist! While most of them are now corporate-owned, some still retain that original roadside flair.

If you are making plans for a roadtrip, here are some of our favorites:

Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Address: 755 West Iowa 80 Road, Walcott, IA
Closest major highway: I-80
Best on the menu: Breaded pork tenderloin sandwich

Billing itself as the World’s Largest Truck Stop, Iowa 80 has a wide range of things you might not expect — including a dentist’s office, a 60-seat movie theater and a chiropractor. The inside also features what’s billed as the world’s largest truckers showroom, where you can get anything in chrome from hood ornaments to exhaust pipes.


Trail’s Travel Center

Address: 820 Happy Trails Lane, Albert Lea, MN
Closest major highway: I-35
Best on the menu: Barbecue ribs and chicken

Close to the intersection of I-35 and I-90, Trail’s features a rustic log-cabin look. Drivers stopping for the night can enjoy an evening at the Skol Tavern, which boasts the largest whiskey selection in southern Minnesota. Anyone feeling a need to repent their sins at the bar can go to the truck stop’s Sunday church service.


Johnson’s Corner

Address: 2842 SE Frontage Road, Johnstown, CO
Closest major highway: I-25
Best on the menu: Cinnamon rolls

Johnson’s Corner opened in 1952 and hasn’t shut its doors since — like most truck stops of any repute, it is a 24/7/365 establishment. It has become renowned because of its homemade cinnamon rolls — Food Network called it the best truck stop restaurant in the country in 2004. It might be the only truck stop in the country that offers catering services.


P&H Truck Stop

Address: 2886 Route 302, Wells River, VT
Closest major highway: I-91
Best on the menu: Cinnamon raison bread

While local wags occasionally dub the popular pit stop the “Puke & Heave,” they usually do so with a mouthful of the truck stop’s famous cinnamon raison bread. Any leaf-peepers making their way across northern New England can also swing into the P&H for a slice of maple cream pie, made with real Vermont maple syrup.(Photo: Flickr / Kim Woodbridge)


The Pine Cone

Address: 665 Linmar Lane, Johnson Creek, WI
Closest major highway: I-94
Best on the menu: Chicken dumpling soup

Opened in 1973, The Pine Cone stresses their old-school commitment to cooking from scratch, including more than 10 types of pie every day for travelers heading west from Milwaukee. As a result, they’ve earned a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. (Photo: TripAdvisor)


Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant

Address: 530 Coldbrook Road, Bangor, ME
Closest major highway: I-95
Best on the menu: Bumbleberry pie (combination blueberry and raspberry)

Despite operating in Stephen King’s hometown, there’s nothing scary about Dysart’s – unless you’re afraid of food, that is. In addition to truck drivers and tourists seeking lobster rolls, it’ll attract students from the nearby University of Maine.

Also, certainly you saw this video below, it is the owner’s of Dysart’s!

Alamo Casino and Travel Center

Address: 1950 E. Greg St., Spark, NV
Closest major highway: I-80
Best on the menu: The slot machines

There’s an Iron Skillet here — a chain restaurant popular in truck stops — but the real attraction are the slot machines that are available to anyone taking a pit stop from the road. There are also several table games, including Texas Hold ‘em, craps and blackjack.


South of the Border

Address: 3346 US 301, Hamer SC
Closest major highway: I-95
Best on the menu: The Sombrero Tower

You can’t miss South of the Border. Really. For hundreds of miles in either direction on I-95, signs proclaim the upcoming arrival of this kitschy Mexican-themed oasis. It proudly owns its tackiness, boasting a small amusement park and the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the United States to the hordes of tourists driving between the Northeast and Florida. Some of the buildings have been torn down, but this is a stop to see — especially if it is abut to go away. (Photo: Flickr / SeeBeeW)


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  1. Funny how Dysart’s got so famous. I grew up in that area and ate there often. Every grunt job I took as a kid, we would always end up going there. Those pies that neither of them can emote about were delicious.

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