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How to tie a square knot

Two Ways To Tie A Square Knot

Square knots come in handy!

The square knot (sometimes called a reef knot) is a handy knot at the campsite. It can be used to tie and carry bundles of wood, and can also be used to tie bandages, because the knot lies flat. It has in fact been used to tie bandages for thousands of years, and is still used extensively by doctors today. The square knot should not be used in survival scenarios, as it can come loose when not under strain. Lives have been lost when the square knot was used incorrectly.

The video above shows one of several ways to tie a square knot. It really doesn’t matter which method you use. Just use the one that makes sense to you. Here’s the other way to tie it. This one is arguably more popular, but I’ve always tied it the way I do it in the video for some reason.

Here’s the other way to tie a square knot.



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