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Ultimate S’MORES : Chocolate Rolo S’MORES

In a completely un-scientific pole, I asked people how many s’mores they ate per year.

The average response: 1. With this being said, I started thinking – why aren’t more people creative with their chocolate-marshmallow-graham cracker combinations? If I were to only eat 1 steak per year – I wouldn’t choose a cut of meat that was just “average.”

It’s time to think outside of the box a little when it comes to s’mores recipes, so I present the first in a series of “Ultimate S’MORES” recipes designed to inspire an above average s’mores eating experience. Just like anything in life, there’s room for improvement and growth. I introduce to you, the Chocolate Rolo S’MORES.

Step 1: Proper Ingredients

For this recipe, I decided to step outside the white puffy marshmallow world. My local grocery stocks a chocolate/vanilla swirled marshmallow – they’re definitely worth seeking out, especially if the chocolate is your favorite of ingredients.

You’re also going to need Rolo “minis.” Not only do they fit perfectly inside of a marshmallow, but they’re also completely unwrapped and campsite ready.

Lastly, graham crackers. I’m sure eventually I’ll become more picky, but for the sake of this experiment – whatever you’ve got will work.

Step 2 : Assembly

With a small amount of pressure, push a single Rolo into the center of your marshmallow – using the flat side as the entry point.

S’Mores – Rolo in the center of the marshmallow

Once you’ve got your chocolate inside of your marshmallow – you’ll need to get it onto the stick. I learned that by inserting the stick through the round side of the marshmallow, and directly through the chocolate center – you can optimize your marshmallow to caramel/chocolate ratio.

Next, roast the marshmallow over your fire. The chocolate will begin to melt a little in the center of the marshmallow. When your marshmallow has reached optimum roasting, sandwich between 2 graham crackers. I found that by ‘squeezing’ the marshmallow a bit between the crackers, I could make the caramel and chocolate ‘ooze’ a bit.

S’Mores to share with friends and family

I highly suggest chocolate Rolo S’mores if you’re camping with kids. This makes the perfect campfire dessert, and will surely become a favorite in your camp. If you’ve got a s’mores Recipe to share, please leave a comment below – I’d love to hear about it!

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