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This Sandwich Gives You 9 Different Flavor Combinations

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This PBJ Sandwich has 9 different flavor combinations!

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” things. By simply using three different spreads in different directions you end up with this mega-awesome sandwich that gives you 9 different bites. Just one more thing to keep the kids talking about how awesome it was to go camping!

So, if I have this right you’ll get:

Jam/Creamy PB


Jam/Crunchy PB

Honey/Creamy PB


Honey/Crunchy PB

Marshmallow/Creamy PB


Marshmallow/Crunchy PB

Obviously, you can mix it up and get even crazier than this. And what if you went in a savory direction? What would that look like?


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