5 Mushrooms to Forage in the Winter

5 Mushrooms to Forage in the Winter

The cooler weather is here, but for the experienced forager, there are still a few mushrooms you can find in the winter.

Here is a look at a few mushrooms you may be able to find in the cooler months. 

Remember to never eat a mushroom unless you are 100% sure it is non-toxic.

Yellowfoot Chanterelles

Look for them under coniferous trees or in mixed woodlands.

Oyster Mushrooms

Often found on dead wood, hardwood trees, and logs, these mushrooms can be foraged year-round.

Wood Ears

A very common mushroom, wood ears often grow on sycamore and elder trees.

Turkey Tails and Other Medicinal Mushrooms

Grows on trees through the winter, making it great to forage in the colder months.

Velvet Shanks

Often found growing on dead or dying trees, especially on beech and oak trees.

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