5 Safe Mushrooms Bear Grylls Likes to Forage, Prepare, and Eat

Chanterelles Egg-yellow with a funnel shape and a slight apricot smell. Boil for 10 minutes before eating. Great survival food.

Giant Puffballs Big white globes with no gills, as large as a football. Flesh should be white. Fry over the campfire for best taste.

Chicken of the Woods: Bright yellow and orange, grows on trees like oak. Slightly sour taste. Cook well and start with small portions.

Cauliflower Fungus Spongy cauliflower head found at the bottom of conifers. Cook it any way you like. Immerse in purified water to remove insects.

Beefsteak Fungus Grows on oak or chestnut. Young ones resemble a tongue, older ones look like liver. Exudes red fluid when cut, resembling fatty steak.