How Bear Grylls Makes His Water Safe to Drink

The Importance of Finding Water: Finding drinkable water is crucial for survival. You can survive weeks without food, but only 2-3 days without water, especially in dry or hot areas.

Risks of Contaminated Water: Contaminated water can cause vomiting and diarrhea, worsening dehydration. Even clear streams can harbor harmful parasites or bacteria. Clean water is essential.

Filtering Water: Use a Millbank bag or improvise with a sock filled with sand and rocks to filter debris from found water. A survival straw is also handy for filtering.

Purifying Water: After filtering, purify water with tablets or by boiling it for at least a minute. In emergencies, sunlight can partially purify water by killing some bacteria.

Drinking Urine in Emergencies: Fresh urine can be a last-resort water source in survival situations. It's nearly sterile when fresh, but avoid dark urine as it can be harmful.