This week, a volcano erupted in Iceland for the third time in three years. It captured the country’s and the world’s attention as the eruption was live-streamed on the internet.

According to experts and government agencies, you should follow six rules if you plan to go see an erupting volcano in person.

1. Stay on high ground

 Volcanic gases will irritate your eyes, skin, and respiratory system and eventually kill you.

2. Keep your back to the wind

Ideally, because you don’t want to be in a position where volcanic debris is blowing toward you.

3. Don’t step on lava

During a recent eruption, solid lava might have a thin crust on the outside while the inside is still boiling hot.

4. Plan your trip

You’ll most likely have to hike to the volcano and there’s no telling how long you’ll have to wait before it erupts, so map your hike and pack food and water.

5. Check the weather

You’ll want to know the weather conditions before you make the trek so you can properly prepare.

6. Listen to local authorities

Volcanic eruptions are inherently fascinating but also deadly. That’s why local authorities monitor the site.